Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Maximum flow: 60 l/sec ( 216 m3/h)
Temperature range: up to + 25 ° C:
Max temperature of the liquid ring : 15°С
Max vacuum 9- 9.5m, depending on pump type.

Pumps of type ‘VP’ are designed for sucking up the air, if necessary, from the casing and air pipe line of pumps prior to their starting as well as creating and maintenance of present vacuum in different apparatus and installations.

Transported gases and gas-liquid mixtures have to be uninflammable, not reactive chemically and should not contain any mechanical admixtures.

The cooling and sealing of the gasket is achieved by water pressure of the water ring vacuum pump. For maintenance and cooling of the water ring is necessary to pass a clean pressure water 2-5 m

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