Vertical multistage pumps from WAMA Pumps, It.

Vertical multistage pumps from WAMA Pumps, It.

Wama pumps, It has been making vertical multistage pumps and submersible pumps since 1968. The pumps are compact, small in size, low in noise, highly efficient and easy to maintain; made entirely of stainless steel. Available with engines with efficiency class IE1; IE2 and IE3.

The manufacturer provides spare parts for the pumps, service in Bulgaria – Turbo-S Ltd., Vidin.

Maximum flow rate of the offered vertical pumps – 20 liters / sec.
Maximum head – up to 260 meters.

ISO9001 quality certificate.
Delivery time – 1-2 weeks from the request in case the model you are looking for is not available in stock.

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