Spare parts for Bulgarian pumps

We provide original spare parts for all pumps manufactured by us. The parts are of high quality, made of gray cast iron, with a guarantee of quality. We maintain stocks.

The spare parts we offer are interchangeable with parts of Bulgarian pumps manufactured more than 20 years ago. You only need to specify the model and year of manufacture of the old pump.

Machine machined details according to customer's drawing

We offer production of spare parts according to presented samples or technical assignment by the client. Some of the activities include:
– Turning, milling, drilling of cast iron, steel and bronze parts;
-Drilling of keyways in details;
-External grinding of details of central grinding
-Manufacture of large quantities of CNC parts

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Production of model equipment for details

Production of model equipment of details, according to customer requirements and assistance in casting the details at preferential prices with the required quality and material in the foundry.

Processing of cast parts and providing customers with a complete finished product.

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Aggregation of pumps

Precise aggregation of a motor-driven pump is essential for the correct and long-term operation of the pump set. We offer professional aggregation of your pump with quality electric motors offered by us, with efficiency class IE3, characterized by low operating costs, or IE2 with frequency regulator. This guarantees long-term economic benefits for consumers and reliable and trouble-free operation. In this case, the prices of the engines are preferential for our customers.

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Repair of Bulgarian pumps, according to BDS

Turbo-S Ltd. repairs and recycles cast iron pumps. Our company is preferred for pump repair throughout Bulgaria due to the high quality of our repaired products.
After a major overhaul, recycled pumps provide data similar to new pumps and can last for years.

We repair all types of pumps, Bulgarian production. During the repair works, high-quality, original spare parts are used, providing excellent parameters of the repaired pumps. Due to the fact that we also produce spare parts, we can offer the lowest and most flexible prices for repairs. When replacing all parts on the rotor part, we provide “new life” to the pump with a warranty between 6 and 12 months from the date of the repair, depending on the type of pump. This saves financial costs for our customers to replace with a new pump.

We provide our customers with:
– warranty and post-warranty service;
– subscription service of pumps;
– seasonal prevention of pumps;

We repair pumps type:
MT, EM, E, D, PV, MS, MP, 20NDN, 400DT22, 130MV; 150MB; 45M45, 70M32 and others.